I recently found out that all of my body care products have been tested on animals.
Walmart doesn’t carry a lot of these small companies that do not participate in the testing.

What brands of soaps, shampoos, conditioners, and lotions are carried at Walmart and are cruelty free?

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  1. I’ve only found a few cruelty free products in the shampoo/conditioner dep at walmart. L`oreal everstrong sulfate-free fortify system is vegan. So no animal byproducts or testing. I like it because it feels like traditional lathery shampoo/conditioner without sulfer so your hair is really soft and smooth. I also tried Organix brand. It doesn’t lather as well but it smells wonderful, leaves your hair silky soft, and its cruelty free. VO5 is also cruelty and sulfer free and it is the cheapest brand they have but I didn’t like the way it left my hair feeling so I switched. Hope this helps some! All you have to do is search the back of the bottles and look for the does not test on animals that is usualy in bold lettering. It may take some time but its worth it!