Well I got hired at walmart for a part time cart pusher and I got to say I am a little nervous? Lol any tips and advice please?

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  1. my husband was a cart pusher for awhile. you have to be able to handle working in any weather, rain, heat, whatever happens. wear the best shoes you can that can take brutal use…you’d be on parking lots most of your shift & shoes are worn out quickly. when it’s hot, make sure you take more than just water breaks…take gatorade or something. husband ended up in hosp with heat illness & was off work for a solid month because of it. after that, they moved him to an inside job. he has other health issues, but anybody can get sick if they’re in bad weather long enough. you’ll be given the tool to be able to handle long strings of carts, but don’t haul more than you can handle….it looks ridiculous for somebody to try hauling 40 carts back to the store. you would get more carts back to the corral faster if you take a reasonable number. if you have to take that many, then get another person to help with it. try not to just “blow off” the job. it may not be the best job of your career, but doing this job well is important to customers. i see cart pushers all the time who are just standing around while carts sit in the parking lot & customers go out to get their own carts. remember there are cameras in the parking lot. you can be seen. being lazy isn’t a good idea.