In school,I said back at my old school I used to have my ears pierced,now people wanna see me with my ears pierced I see other people with their ears pierced and I was like I used to have that the hole closed in my ear from the piercing can I get another one though but how much does it cost at Walmart?Is it expensive?

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  1. Whatever you do, dont do a place like walmart or claires for peircings. Their cheep, low quality, and they use peircing guns. Id trust myself to do my own peircings far sooner than id go to a place like walmart or claires! Pay the extra money, and go to a shop that specializes in peircings. I wouldnt say anymore than 40 for it.

  2. Most all stores that sell earrings will not charge to pierce your ears, but you will have to buy your piercing earrings there, so the cost will depend entirely on the earrings you choose. Most all piercing studs come in sets of two in a sterilized package, so whether you want one or both ears pierced you will have to buy the two earrings. Walmart stores vary greatly from place to place. I have been in some Walmart stores where I would never even consider getting my ears pierced and in others where I would possibly say OK. I would still prefer to go to a place that specialized in earrings. Both my children had their ears pierced and then double pierced at Piercing Pagoda, so we have been there four times. Their store was always very clean and the people were very professional.