I need to know a definite way to pass this drug test. I also need to know for SURE if it is true that walmart doesn’t always drug test new employees. I would like straight-up answers and no speculation. Thanks.

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  1. Everything I read says even Temps must past a pre employment urine test.
    Passing depends on the frequency of use prior to yesterday. Stay well hydrated and if there is not frequent use – like it had been a week or more since used last – urine should be clean 3 days after the last use. If you want the job – stay clean – if a test is failed there is a right way to ask for a retest because it must be wrong and maybe a second chance to pee clean for that 2nd chance test.

  2. Walmart always drug tests. You’ll fail the drug test hands-down and will not get the job. Get used to being an adult and learning what really matters-having a job to support yourself or getting high. The choice is yours. I’d pass on taking the drug test and try to find a job picking beans or something for a few months till the pot clears your system then going back to reapply at Walmart.

  3. If its a urine test you can :
    – use friend’s clean pee or synthetic urine (check at your local head shop/ online).
    – “detox”drinks from the head shop or online, they don’t actually detox they have a ”masking agent” and works for 4 to 6 hours after taking it.But many don’t work or work for some situation ( allot depends, how much end often you smoke, your metabolism, BMI or height/weight, etc.. many don’t work if you smoke few days before) many are detectable.
    Also you can use this company (I used to pass a hair drug test but they help for urine and saliva tests) web for urine tests is http://www.urinetestsolutions.com or you can call them for personal consultation (its free).
    btw mostly the reason for a pre employment drug test is becouse of the insurance policy so if they drug test , they will test all new employees