A man and woman who works at a certain walmart was very rude to me and my sister and they were so mean to us it made my sister cry. How do I let that store know what thoes employees did?
I have already tried calling but I always get put on hold and cant get through.

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  1. Go to the store in question and talk to the store manager. That type of behavior is uncalled for and should have been reported right then. Don’t ever allow anyone to be rude like that to you ever again. Calling won’t do any good because you will get the same thing every time. Go there with your parents if need be to talk to someone. I am sorry that happened to you. I guess thats what they call customer service these days.

  2. You can go to Customer Service and find out who the Store Manager is and write a letter explaining what happened. You can also go to Wal-Mart’s website. Usually big companies have a Contact Us button and you can write a note within the website about your experience at what particular store. That complaint is then forwarded to the store which is guilty of the violation.

  3. Go in person and ask to speak to the store manager. Don’t be shy. As long as you feel that you have beem mistreated and state your feelings calmly and truthfully you are completely in line. Ask the store manager for his boss’ name and phone number and contact him since so far everyone on the store level hasn’t helped you.

  4. Look up their corporate number and address. Call them AND write them a letter to voice your displeasure. I have always done my shopping at walmart and I have found that lately at least 80% of their employees are rude, rude, rude! I have had one employee tell my son to not play with a toy in the toy department….one we were planning on buying! I also had one get confrontational with me over this same thing….But worst of all…I had a cashier tell my other son that Santa Claus did not exist! They need to be notified of this sort of thing because it is getting way out of hand. I personally do not like to get people fired from their jobs bacause they may need it….but if they are that rude while they are dealing with the customer…who pays their salary…they do not need the job!

  5. Go back to Walmart, and ask for the store manager.
    Tell them that it’s very important, and that you are NOT leaving until you get to speak with them.

    Let the manager know EXACTLY what happened.

    They will ask the names of the employees, and ask when it was, what it was about, and all other kinds of questions.

    Then they will bring the employees into it, and you’ll have to tell them that you were upset, they’ll have to say sorry, and then the manager will give you a paper to fill out.

    They will probably be fired.

  6. Go to the store in question, ask to speak with one of the managers. Be ready to wait for a little bit. They (managers) are busy people. Be calm and organized about your complaint. Just the facts. Do not speculate on motives. Going in person will lend more weight to your actions. Good luck.

  7. every wal-mart has a poster in the customer service dept with the area supervisors name and phone number.

    it is not likely that you will be instantly connected with the area supervisor, but the person answering the phone is trained to take your comments, and will pass them along to the supervisor. he / she will then be in touch, and likely, so will the store manager of the location where it happened.

    wal-mart is far from perfect – but they do listen to their customer complaints.

    good luck

  8. That old-fashioned, part-forgotten skill: write to the manager of the local store and copy the Chief Executive of Wal-Mart. If your complaint is so serious that you want some kind of recompense (money is highly unlikely but an apology would be a reasonable request) then you’ll need to have it recorded in writing anyway. Also, you don’t know whether these particular employees have had complaints laid against them before, and if I were their employer I’d want to know who was lowering the reputation of my store.

    Write your letter clearly and keep emotion out of it until (possibly) the end. And always assume that you’re writing to someone reasonable who wants to fix the problem. So, begin by giving the facts – date and time, what exactly happened (pretend you’re giving directions to someone filming it, so don’t say ‘was rude,’ state what was done and said), whether you did anything about it at the time.

    Then go on to say what effect this had on you and on your sister. This is the time to say that it made your sister cry.

    Then say how many times you’ve tried to ring the store, etc., and finish by saying something like ‘I look forward to hearing your reaction within seven days.’

    You don’t have to threaten public exposure, involving the media, etc., at this point. As I said, assume that you’re writing to someone reasonable who’ll want to fix the problem once they’ve heard about it – and anyway there’s such a strong anti-Walmart backlash going on at the moment that they won’t need reminding.

    Hope that helps.