My dog has tapeworms and I know it for sure because a piece of one came out onto the carpet !! I would take her to the vet but I know that they will charge me like 60 bucks and I can’t afford it right now. Isn’t there a safe kind of worm killer that I can get at Walmart or a drug store ? And will it really even work ?

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  1. You can’t. You can only get worming medicine from the vet. Besides, unless you are an expert, are you SURE it’s a tapeworm? Many of them look the same.

    One of the things with responsible dog ownership is assuming responsibility for vet costs. Talk with him and ask for a payment plan. But, get your dog taken are of ASAP. And if you can’t afford to keep it healthy, maybe you should consider rehoming it.

    EDIT: Wow the “Trolls Against Responsible Pet Ownership” are out in force today!

  2. You will need to get wormer from your vet.

    Nothing at walmart or walgreens is safe or effective for treating worms. Its a complete waste of money.

    I’ve never had to pay $60 to get wormer from my vet. I talk to my vet, and take my dog in when he is sick.. the vet knows me well enough that I can walk in and ask for a drontal for worms and get medication to treat ALL of my pets.. I only have to pay for the cost of the medication.. no exam fees or fecals.

  3. haha! there is none! and if you do the math its cheaper to just get some from the vet. it only costs about $10. where as if you go to the store, you waste time looking for it, you waste gas and you tires, and not to mention the enormous lines at walmart.

  4. No! All they sell is Hartz and that is dangerous to give a dog, it doesn’t work either.

    If you call your vet they should be able to give you the right wormer. Or at the very least have you bring in a stool sample to do a fecal float on and then give you the right medication.

    OTC wormers dont work and they make dogs very sick especially Hartz and Sargents products.

  5. I’ve tried several OTC dewormers and honestly… they aren’t worth it. I would get to the vet and get her dewormed. The vet I go to it’s $30 for the visit and $13 for the dewormer… honestly with the time and money you spend on the OTC junk you should have just taken her to the dr. Be careful though… if you aren’t careful… some worms can cause severe problems and the dog can get seriously ill without proper treatment.

  6. The only dewormer Walmart carries is for Roundworms/Hookworms (Pyrantel pamoate). This is the same thing you would get from the vet for these types of worms.
    Petco carries dewormer that is effective for tapeworms (Praziquantel).
    I would recommend bringing the piece of tapeworm to the vet and asking if they can tell you if it is or not before giving unnecessary medication. One of the vet techs should be able to without an appointment.

  7. There was a question in here a few days ago where someone had bought an over-the-counter medication that can be found in Walmart. It nearly killed the puppy. There have been so many problems with those brands, you could end up making your puppy much sicker than the tapeworm problem is. Besides, he may have other worms besides tapeworm. Not all of them come out in the stool, but have mouthparts that let them stay attached to the wall of the intestines.

    Take your dog to the vet with a stool sample, its the only way to be sure you’re treating the dog’s worms correctly.

  8. There are many type of worms a dog can get, and the only for sure way to know is to have the vet do a stool sample. And get the meds from the vet. They are guaranteed to work the best and the stuff at department stores are only for certain worms and if you don’t treat the proper worms then you have more serious health issues and i have never seen a vet that charges 60$ for worm meds even with the stool sample. And i don’t trust department store brands for one, How old is the stuff, and like hartz is there any recalls, or problems been seen with the meds, It is way different then what your vet will give you that works.

  9. You can get tape worm medicine from Petsmart. I saw it three weeks ago. You mentioned that you could not afford $60.00 for the vet. The tape worm meds I saw at Petsmart were around $30.00 I do believe. You do need to get this poor animal on some meds though. Good luck.

  10. speaking as a walmart associate,you can buy worm medecines from walmart as well as the pet stores,they all work about the same,and are safe as long as you follow instructions…HOWEVER when it deals when your pets health i ALWAYS recommend my customers to see their vet first…without you knowing what type of worm it ,you wont be able to give the proper medecine…and if you dont know what kind of worm it is cant expect us to suggest something..different worm medecines kill different worms…besides while i happen to be one of the few that try to stay knowledgeable as possible on the best health care for pets …lets face it ,many associates in the department stores are just not as knowledgable,the retail companys just train them on stocking not actual pets (with the except of fish)…youre vet is the professional ..its best to ask them..if its a money issue ,then talk to organizations like the spca,they have a vet ,and it costs alot lower