I’m look to transition my diet to a vegetarian diet, and I know that Walmart sells some stuff (Morningstar Farms stuff). But how expensive is it?


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  1. as walmart is a huge company, they actually adjust their costs of most of their food products by location.

    a walmart in a big city like New York, will likely charge more than a small midwest town.

    your best bet would be to go to your local walmart or call to find out their current prices.

  2. Walmart is the cheapest for that but you should not rely on the faux meats so much. They are fine once in awhile but all very processed. Stick to things like whole grains, beans/lentils, nuts, veggies etc.

  3. As the previous post suggests it is healthier to stick to whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, beans, legumes, whole grains, nuts and seeds.

    WM seems to be stocking more and more organic produce lately so be sure to pick up the organic fruits and veges in the produce section, not only processed foods which are ok in moderation but are high in sodium and additives. Be sure to eat a big bowl of leafy greens daily.

  4. I live in Charlotte, NC and they are about $3.50 per box but Wal-Mart’s do vary by location. We transferred to vegetarianism from being big meat eaters. They were nice when we were craving meat but since, we have transitioned into eating more natural foods. We still try out some of the bizarre ones every now and then. My daughter will ask for nuggets and we get those on occasion. If you like burgers, I would like to suggest making bean (black, pinto, chickpea) burgers. May not sound appealing at first but even my husband goes bananas for them. Tons of healthy recipes are online and you can make 4 black bean burgers for the cost of 1/8 of a Boca Burger package. Good luck on your diet!