My little brother (so cute) bought me a gift card to sears. He bought the card at Belair. when he sent the card he put the receipt in with it. Can I return it? can I return it to sears? we don’t have a belair. Will sears take it?

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  1. Short answer – No

    Even if you didn’t want the gift card, the best you could end up with is a store credit. I don’t know what Belair is, but third party stores will not return, or “buy back” a gift card to another store.

    Try this: I don’t know how Sear’s systems work, but you could try buying an item and then returning it for cash back. I worked customer service for years at another store and found that this worked for some people.

    If in the end, none of this worked and you truly do not want the gift card, I would have your brother go with you to return it. I would go to Belair store as that is where it was bought. If they truly have excellent customer service, they will accommodate you, so don’t let them tell you they can’t do it.

    From the store’s perspective, the worst thing they would have to do is buy the card off of you. They won’t be losing out on money, because in the end they are going to be giving that gift card back to whoever gave it to them as damaged merchandise. Stores get their money back on damaged merchandise. They just complain because it’s more work for them and they won’t get their money back in a timely manner.

    Hope you figure it out

  2. Nope
    Gift cards are non refundable or returnable
    You have to buy something at the store

    Or, you can sell it for 1/2 or less of its face value on a site that sells these cards. CardWoo comes to mind as I have seen their commercials.

    That’s why retailers LOVE people who buy gift cards. Half the time they get lost, or forgotten, or the recipient doesn’t use the entire amount or as in your case, doesn’t even shop at the store.