I need a universal gift card that can be used about anywhere for my mother in law for Christmas. I don’t really care where or what (bills, food, clothes, toys, etc. ) she uses it for but I don’t want her using it for cigarettes and beer for her dead beat illegal immigrant boyfriend. I thought there was a card that restricted those type purchases that was designed for minors. Anyone know where I can buy one.

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  1. There is a card you can buy in some shops. It works like a credit card but you don’t have to give any personal details. You purchase it and put as much or as little on the card as you like. My friend has one as she makes purchases over the internet with it also uses it in Tesco’s and Sainsbury’s. Its called (Prime Payment card.. its a Mastercard) i think its run by a finance company and the website is http://www.idtprime.com
    This company might do another card for kids too but I am not sure. Or you could buy a gift card from somewhere like W.H> Smiths or Woolworths, as I dont think they sell booze or cigs…

  2. Maybe you can make an anonymous gift to her church if she has one. Other than that maybe make a couple of payments around town for her. Honestly I have never heard of any card that has restrictions on it, they would do that via ID, and since she is an adult that wouldn’t help. Sorry to hear about your situation. Hope this helps