I am tryi8ng to increase my IPH (items per hour) at walmart. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. Sign out between customers. If they are using their credit/debit card, as soon as the receipt starts printing, sign out. Then give them the receipt, get ready for the next customer, and sign back in. If they just put the first item at the end of the belt, wait for it to come close to you before signing back in.

    If they have a lot of one item… like folders or catfood… ring each up separately. I personally don’t do that, because its easier to make a mistake. To me, scanning the items correctly is more important than my iph.

    If you’re scanning items and the customer is slow(example… really slow putting items on the belt, or deciding whether or not to purchase an item), hit the total button. When you hit total, the time doesn’t count towards your iph. Try not to do it too much because every time you hit total it will come up on the receipt and it looks messy.