Note: I’m flat broke so I don’t have any money that can come out of pocket to pay for something that is over $25.

I love movies and music. So, I guess I could get a DVD, but I belong to Columbia House DVD club, where I get discounts on DVDs, so I dunno if it would be worth it.

I could get a music CD, but then again I belong to BMG Music club and get CDs for discounted prices, so that might not be worth it.

I love computers and computer accessories. In fact, I’m in college right now, studying to, at this point, get some IT certifications, and eventually get a degree in Information Technology. I have enough CD- and DVD-Rs…waaaaay enough.

I know I’m not leaving many options here and I realize this is tough cuz it’s only 25 bucks, but I thought someone on Y.A. might have a creative purchase idea with the information I’ve given.