I just started working at Walmart Canada. I started on the second week of a two week pay period. Will I get paid for one week on my first paycheck or will they hold that week back and pay me on the next pay period for three weeks?

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  1. You won’t get paid. (I’m assuming you have an hourly job?) Your timesheet is usually processed the week before your paycheck. If you started on the Monday and the Friday you were to be paid, then that means the paycheck would have been processed the Friday before you were there. Instead, you would have to wait another two weeks and then get paid. The next Friday, your timesheet would be processed and the following Friday, you will receive your paycheck for your first and second week of work. You won’t get paid for the three weeks. Instead, you will get that last week of work in a separate check.

    The thing is, you don’t get paid for the exact week(s) you worked; it’s the previous week(s). Let’s imagine you work Monday, August 2 and payday is Friday, August 13. Your paycheck isn’t from August 2 – August 13, it’s actually from July 26 – August 6. This is because they take time to process the time you worked. If they were to pay you for August 2 – August 13, then they would have to have prepared a check for you before you actually finished working, you understand? (You would still be working on the Friday you get your paycheck. And even if they waited until the end of the work day, it would take a lot longer than an hour or so to have your paycheck prepared).

    I tried to explain with examples so you could understand how you get paid. Be sure to look on your pay stub, it’ll show you the pay period dates corresponding to that paycheck. I bet you it won’t match up to the date of the past two weeks you worked.

    So in short, no, you won’t get paid (unless they processed the paychecks while you were working there and then yes, you might get paid for a day or two). And no, you won’t get paid for three weeks. Imagine you left your job the Friday you got paid. That following pay period, even though you are no longer working there, you will receive another paycheck that consists of that extra week of work.

    Really hoping that’s not confusing,