I purchased a pair of pumps from Walmart earlier this year (maybe in Feb. or Mar.) The Walmart is in my neighborhood, so I visit frequently. And I noticed that the price of those shoes as well as others that were on display earlier this year has not changed. Firstly I am surprised that they have not changed the shoe inventory in months, and if they have not sold at the regular price, why haven’t they been marked down already. How does stores like walmart decide when to mark down or put items on clearance?

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  1. I work at a Walmart and there’s several times when we lower our prices. First of all, once an item becomes deleted and we’ll no longer be carrying it, then the price gets marked down. Items that are seasonal are marked down to clearance prices after that particular season has ended (so, right after Christmas, all our Christmas items get marked down; once we start getting into the fall season, all of our spring/summer stuff is marked down, etc.). If we still have a ton of seasonal stuff left a couple weeks after the first mark down, then we’ll mark those products down even more (home office sent us WAY too much Halloween stuff this year, so about 3-4 weeks after Halloween, those products were marked down to 90% off – it flew out the door then!). Prices for certain items are also marked down when a tab drops (when new sale flyers are sent out) – these items and the prices are picked by home office, it’s usually based on what the “hot” items are and prices are picked by comparing with our competitors. Walmart also does a lot of “comp shopping” – this is where each Walmart checks out the prices of other stores in their area and then we lower our prices on certain items to beat the competitors’ prices. I have noticed that the prices on the softline products (shoes, clothes, under garments) in our Walmart don’t get marked down that often except for when a tab drops or when an item becomes deleted. The majority of the softline brands carried in Walmart are exclusive to Walmart, so they can’t really do a lot of comp shopping on those products.