I received a gift card for 85.00 for my birthday. I’ve been to this store twice and can’t find a single thing I want. It’s not really my kind of store. Anyway, is there a way I can get cash for the gift card ?
What if I buy something for 85.00 and then return it and get cash for it ?

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  1. No, sorry. If you purchase something and return it… you’ll receive another gift card. Your refund is based on how you paid, so if you pay with a gift card you will not get cash for a return. If you truly cannot find anything, you can try to sell your gift card… but don’t expect to get face value. Most gift cards are discounted 25% – 50%. You might start off trying to sell it for $75 and if that doesn’t sell, then drop the price to $63.75 (25% off). If it’s a store that a family member shops at… try to “sell” it to them first.

  2. Spalmer is correct. You could use the card to purchase gifts for friends–some early Christmas shopping. That way you’ll get some value out of the gift card. When the holidays roll around, you’ll be set, and won’t have to dip into your own pockets to purchase the gifts.

    If there’s nothing at the store that would even make good presents, you’re stuck with trying to sell the card to someone else, or perhaps make the card itself a present to someone else.

  3. Stores do not give cash for returns of items purchased with gift cards. You can buy an item and then sell it, to someone else, not the store. Or you could try to sell the gift card. You cannot get cash from the store.