When I play a game I think other people can hear me but I can barely hear them through the tv…how do you fix this??

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  1. press the xbox guide button and go all the way to the right and find settings. there should be a tab that says preferences and then voice. you should be able to mess with the audio settings there

  2. yes it is built in
    it cuts out most backgfround noises
    but when you use it in comparison to a mic, it just sounds too funny
    personally i’d just stick with a regular mic but it’s up to you
    you’ll barely be able to hear peopple and they will find it sort of hard to hear you
    NOW, wehat you can do to fix this, you’d have to ether put a speaker closer to you
    turn down all in game audio and turn up the mic audio
    so you’re sacrificing gameplay sounds for team sounds
    now this doesnt mean you have fully turn it down and wind up getting killed more often, you can just trurn it down to a comfortable setting

    so basically play around with the IN GAME settings in the options menu (*most times)
    turn up the mic sounds in the xbox menu