I have an appointment and I was wondering what lens options walmart vision center has. (Lenscrafters has featherwates, etc.)
I have an appointment with them, and I was wondering what lens options they offer. (Lenscrafters has featherwates, etc.) Also, how long does it take them to get the lenses ready?

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  1. From personal experience, you can get any type of lenses from Walmart Vision center. I have a very unusual prescription that results in very thick lenses normally. I think walmart calls them polycarbonate lenses, but they are very thin and light weight. You can get your lenses tinted or the type that darken when you go into sun light. While walmart doesn’t have a 24 hour service, some simple prescriptions can be obtained in a couple of days. It has never taken more than a week for me to get my glasses.
    That being said, Walmart Vision center is not really any cheaper than other places. Yes they may be less expensive than places that get your glasses to you within 24 hours, but their prices are in the same range of regular optometrists or eye glass facilities.

  2. Just as a point of information, LensCrafters just likes to give their own names to the same lenses everyone else has.

    That’s just a marketing trick to make people think they have something special not available elsewhere.