My dad has bought some car wax from an individual seller that you can’t buy it in the store. It’s the best I’ve seen, but I live about 1000 miles away from my dad and need to find some really good car wax. My store options are WalMart, Autozone, & OReilly’s. Any suggestions?

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  1. I like Mothers Wax. It comes in a red and black bottle. You can also buy their “clay bar and wax kit” that works wonders for things like bugs and tree sap. I got pine sap on my car, and with a little effort, it took it right off!

  2. Of all the waxes out there carnauba wax is the best.This wax will hide small scraches and protect the finish better than another other type of wax.Most companys out there make a carnauba wax.It will also stop tree sap and bird dropings better than anything on the market.