Hi so i want to get a credit card from best buy to buy a computer for school i already tried applying but it got denied because i have no credit. The manager told me i can have a cosigner and that might help. So my question is if my mom who has really good credit is my cosigner would i get approved? i know all about the secure card you can get from your bank but i dont want to do that for now.

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  1. Doing this this way is only going to help your mom and not you when ever a person co-signed on anything they are the responsible party. It will show on your credit but the updating part on the credit report is not going to be kept up they are only going to update your mom most of the time. The rating is going to be less ex. I = individual R= Revolving J=joint C= cosigned your going to fall in the C

  2. A credit card that can be gotten with a poor credit rating is known as a bad credit card. These cards give those with bad credit a chance to improve upon the credit rating they have. For those people the cards act as a rescue like this.


    Profits are what business is all about and profits are put at risk by this. The balance on the account will normally earn interest from the bank or company providing the credit card. This should be checked with the company providing the card.

  3. If you apply with a decent consignor for a best buy credit card you should get approved. If you mom’s credit is in good standing then you will not have a problem. However, best buy credit cards are not that good, they have high APR and you can’t use it anywhere else.

    First try applying for a Discover Student Card, you will have much better time with it.
    It has:
    -No annual fee
    -No application fee
    -Unsecured line of credit
    -0 APR for first 6 months (then only 14.99%)
    -And best of all, Cash Back rewards up to 5% (might be even more when you use it in Best Buy.

    Go here for more info: http://www.ccdb.com/card/p/62

    I think you have high chances of getting approved for this if you are currently a student. I found it on the Official Credit Card Database, it says: “No minimum income or cosigner required.” So try that first and if it doesn’t work, then go to Best Buy with your mom, that would be your last resort.

    Best of Luck!