I asked my wife what do you want for christmas and she said nothing, ok then you don’t have to get me anything, so at least will spend time with each other and have a nice dinner. I have 2 days left to make a decision, Your thoughts.

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  1. Yeah, you can get an Xbox for yourself, if you want to sleep on the couch for a while. She may say she doesn’t want anything but you should still get her something. Sometimes, women just want to know that their man is thinking about them and a gift says that.

  2. Don’t do it. She says nothing but a little something for the TWO of you would be nice. If she wants the kinect, get it. Because then it could be something you could do togethe. But if she wouldn’t like it, find something else. And if you can’t find anything, buy a backup gift, just in case she does decide to get you something. Then you can be like “oh well i have something for you too!” And you won’t look dumb.

  3. Yeah! You need something to do when she divorces you…

    She is telling you to be creative. How about donating to a charity in her name. You have technically given her nothing but still have showed you care.

  4. what’s the point when you have to ask wife what she wants, you’ve been with her long enough to know he taste and style to buy something to give her with surprise.. i’m sure this past year she’s mentioned some things she’d like to have..
    of course if you have to ask, she’d say “nothing” it’s not the same as you getting it yourself..

    so i’d say get her a card and a nice gift, then buy yourself an xbox

  5. NO! You should use that money for a short retreat for the both of you. Tell her you understand her not wanting a gift, but that you both deserve something. Book a nice hotel room, go to a nice dinner. Give each other back or foot rubs, and avoid the holiday stress.