How much does a fully synthetic oil change cost at Walmart? Don’t bother giving me pros and cons. I already know them. I just want a price.
Did I not just say, “don’t give me pros and cons?”
Oil changes seem to run very high where I just moved. It’s around $60 at an auto shop for just a regular oil change. Thanks for the info, though.

As far as oil filter goes, I will be asking for a Fram, even if I have to pay extra. :)

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  1. I recently had a full service with synthetic oil change on my 2000 Saab for $43.23 incl. tax. I had it done at a privately owned local service shop. Giving this info to you in case you want to compare.

  2. Mom ask Dad and he thought if you brought Walmart oil yourself and then you only pay for the charge to change it $30-40. Walmart oil would run $16. He said that if you brought your car down here he would change it for you. I guess that would mean buy the oil and he would change for free. Of you course you have spent of mileage back home.