I know the NFL has a specific formula now that locks in which teams will play each other once the regular season ends (inter-conference play is rotated in a set pattern every year); all that remains is organizing the dates and who is visiting whom. What system does MLB use? How does MLB determine how many games a team will play another team in a season? How does MLB determine what inter-league teams will play each other each season?

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  1. They play each team in their own division 19 times depending on the division because some divisions have 5 teams, one has 4 teams, and one has 6 teams. They play each team in their league but not in their division 6 – 9 times each. As for interleague play, they each play a natural rival (like Mets-Yankees) 6 times. Then they play 4 other teams 3 times each. I don’t know how they decide which 4 teams. It was supposed to be by rotatind divisions like in the NFL, but it doesnt happen that way. Sometimes they play 2 teams in one division and 2 in another. Sometimes I think that the people who make the schedules are drunk when they do it.