Obviously, I would have no receipt since I did not buy it there. But it is an item that they sell at Walmart, and it is not opened.

If I took it to their returns, could I get store credit in the amount of the item? I heard Walmart used to do this, do they still?

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  1. Generally yes but you have to remember there are all sorts of things that may not work in your favor. Even if Walmart carries the item but in a different size (say, what you have is a special package for another convenience store) they may refuse it because they don’t sell that ‘size’ item. If it has a sticker from another store you’d do best to remove it-they could refuse to take it because of that. If the item is no longer on the shelves at Walmart, was clearanced out for say-half price, that is ALL they would give you credit for. And since you have no receipt, they will ask for your driver’s license to mark you for returning something w/o a receipt. This isn’t normally a problem unless you try to return more than 3 things w/o a receipt within a rolling 6 month period. At the 4th item you’d flat out be refused the credit unless you had a really convincing reason for it to be overridden. Having said all that it really still is pretty easy to return something to them as long as it’s still in like-new condition.

    This reminded me of something: Earlier this summer my wife bought some things for a friend at a Walmart in another state. One item, some Pert shampoo was never needed so I just tried to return it to our local walmart. I didn’t have the receipt with me and our store doesn’t carry Pert at all so the cashier said “not ours” and handed it back to me (by this time my wife had forgotten where she’d bought it from so we just assumed…). I thought ‘no big deal, it’s shampoo-I’ll just use it.’ Weeks later I found her original receipt and yup it was from Walmart.

    So the short of it is you can try. It can’t hurt but there are lots of caveats. On top of everything else, the item probably cost more where ever else you bought it at so you’ll be losing a little money in the deal even if they do take it back. Sorry for the long answer. LOL-I’m a little wound up today. :}