I bought a stereo from walmart for $210. I then found the same item at sears for $170. I already opened and used the stereo from walmart. Should I return it to walmart for a full refund, and then buy it cheaper at sears?

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  1. Walmart honors other store’s prices, meaning if you show them an add for a product much less expensive (same EXACT product) they will lower the price to match it for you. I would take it into the store saying that you know that Walmart does that and you would like the item at the reduced price or would like to return it. However, technically because you used it you cannot return it, so it will depend on their policy if they will still match the price after it has been purchased. (Personally I would ask to talk to a higher level manager saying you want a refund in that amount, they might give it to you just to maintain customer satisfaction).

  2. Yes. Walmart is a bunch of fools and for this they deserve to be ripped off whenever possible. Normally I wouldn’t suggest this because I believe when someone commits to a purchase that sale is final unless the product is defective but walmart is a bunch of bone heads. So they deserve what they get.

  3. I work at a walmart in a small town. Call your local store, ask for a manager and tell them that you recently made a big purchase and you found the item cheaper at another store, and ask is it too late to honor the price, and if it is too late, then you will return it. You will have to have some sort of proof of the competitive retailer’s price. The managers strive for your business and will work with you to keep your business. It’s worth a shot right? =) & I’m pretty sure that you have 30 days from the date of purchase to return it.

  4. I was raised to follow through with things I start and I feel this applies to purchases I make. With that in mind I try to research any purchases this large way before giving my hard earned money away. Walmart says they match prices but this is hit-and-miss as to how and how much time has passed since you purchased your stereo. It’s worth calling the store about but they will want some kind of proof from you (in the old days if it were just a few dollars they’d do it at a register no questions asked, anything more than a few $$$ would need approved by a manager and sometimes they’d even call the other store to ask for proof). You’ll want to make sure Sears isn’t running a short-time sale now (while your purchase was weeks/months ago). You’ll also want to make sure it’s the same exact stereo and model number-often these can be slightly different between retailers.

    If they won’t do it-$40 is worth the work, I’d ask to explain your situation with a manager. If they still won’t do it, I’d go home, put the stereo back in the box w/all it’s packaging and paperwork and simply return it then go to Sears to buy it cheaper. Remember, the burden of proof is on you and if more than a few weeks have gone by since your purchase it’s probably too late for the price match and maybe even too late to return the item. Good luck.