I want to become a good player in nba 2k11 in my player mode and i neep tips/pointers to help me and what are the best attributes to upgrade for a point guard?

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  1. im going to share a lot of secrets with you right now. first off is have patience. your player WILL BE BAD in the beginning. the next thing is to choose a starting height and skill set. if you already have a my player, you should consider creating a knew one. as for hieght, my player is 6’4. being that height for a point guard doesnt give you as many as being 6′ would, but i am fairly capable of grabbing rebounds. as for the staring skill set, i would use either scoring, or athletic. Athletic starts you off with high speed and quickness, which are important and expensive, and scoring simply starts you with higher shooting. i made my player a scoring PG simply because having all the speed isnt useful if you cant put the ball in the basket. now for skill points. you need to prioritize, and specialize in attributes. if you try to get good at everything at once it will take you a long time to get good. look at the attributes. for defense, all you need right now is onball defence at around 75-80. mine is at 75 and im in the nba guarding chris paul and deron williams just fine. you really dont need any other defensive stat. now what i did is i put most of my points into mid range jump shot. i got it to 99 during the summer circuit and it is very efficient. but first you should go intot the options and turn jumpshot feedback ON. and make sure you have a jumpshot form you can work with. with a high mid range it is easy to get a high teamate grade because every mid range shot you get points for good shot seletion. you get like 950 skill points just for an A+ rating, not to mention objectives, if you win, individual preformance and milestones. once your getting a decet amount of skill points per game its up to you to put them into whatever attrbutes you want. i think ball handling, passing, hands, on ball defence and CONSISTANCY are important. its all about minimizing turnovers and keeping your teamate grade up. plus a little tip. when a key game comes up, put the quarter length to 12 and complete as many milestones as possible, because you get 2x skill points. i once got 8000 skill points in one game.

    the last part is just practice. you will eventually get better at the game yourself the more you play, and you will see yourself start to have better and better games. i am in mid january and have 2 triple doubles, averaging 21, 4.5 rebounds and 6 assists. my team has the best record in the league too. good luck and hang in there. i used to be really frustrated with this game, but eventually it will just come to you.