Want to work at walmart, but not full time, does anyone know where I can find the cut off for healthcare benefits. Like at Starbucks you can work as little as 21 hours with full bennies.

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  1. Your chances of getting health care at Wal-Mart are extremely poor. They will almost always keep you below the minimum amout of hours so you cannot recieve benefits. Unions have been pounding on them hard about this dirty practice for years. In many cases, employees have to turn to the state for assistance and benefits. And that is sad. How could any American respect that company for disrespecting honest hard working American citizens like that?

  2. I’ve worked at Wal-Mart for 4 years now. The first 3 years I was a Full-Time associate w/ health benefits. And for the past year I have been a Part-Time associate of which loses some benefits like LTD and STD. But you still keep your Health Insurance. I am currently working 20 hours per week and haven’t lost it yet. But I’m pretty sure that the least amount of hours you can work to keep them is 20. But I have also heard its 16 if you where hired a long time ago.